Metairie Boat Accident Lawyer

Metairie’s location makes it a prime spot for recreational boaters of all kinds, but not all of them operate their vessels in safe and responsible ways. Holding a boat operator legally liable for the effects of a boating accident they caused can be complicated and your case is unlikely to have a favorable outcome if you try to handle it alone.

Fortunately, you have support available from knowledgeable personal injury attorneys with experience in effectively handling boat injury cases. When you get hurt on the water and believe someone else is responsible for the injuries you sustained, contacting a Metairie boat accident lawyer should be among your top priorities.

The Basics of Boat Accident Litigation

Civil claims for boating accidents follow roughly the same procedures as those for car accidents. In both scenarios, legal liability for injuries caused by the incident is generally based on “negligence.” This concept determines which people involved in the accident played a direct role in causing it because they recklessly or carelessly violated a “duty of care.”

Everyone operating a personal watercraft in “navigable waters” in Louisiana takes on the same duty of care. They have the responsibility to keep themselves and others safe on the water just like motorists do on the road. For example, they are required to obey relevant boating laws, and watch out for other boaters or people in the water around them. A “breach” of this duty could be either an overtly illegal act (like ignoring local speed limits or operating the watercraft under the influence of alcohol or drugs) or a broadly careless act like getting distracted while their vessel is in motion.

Someone found liable based on negligence for a boating accident could be made to pay for economic and non-economic consequences of that accident, including vessel repair or replacement costs, medical bills, lost ability to work, psychological trauma, and physical pain and suffering. During a private consultation, a Metairie boat crash attorney could further explain how these sorts of claims work.

Getting Around Possible Obstacles to Recovery

Someone who gets hurt in a boating accident caused partially by another person’s negligence could also be found negligent themselves if they acted in a way that contributed to the accident. Anyone assigned a percentage of “comparative fault” for their own injuries would then be subject to a proportional reduction from the value of their final damage award, in accordance with Louisiana Civil Code § 2323.

LA Civ. Code § 3492 sets a filing deadline for most personal injury claims of one year after the injury occurs. Retaining a skilled lawyer quickly after a watercraft accident around Metairie could be vital to constructing a strong case within this time limit.

Speak With a Boat Accident Attorney in Metairie Today

In some ways, accidents involving watercraft can be even more dangerous than motor vehicle collisions. Even if your injuries heal with time, you still deserve fair financial restitution for any harm you suffered because of another boater’s misconduct.

Representation from a Metairie boat accident lawyer could make a world of difference in your chances of securing a favorable case result. While a financial payout cannot give your time or health back, it could help secure your daily peace of mind. Schedule a meeting by calling today.


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