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Cars are the number one mode of transportation in today’s world. This means that the number of cars on the road is always increasing. Unfortunately, this means that the opportunity for accidents is also ever-increasing. On average, there are over 11 million auto accidents every year in the United States alone.

You always hope that you can get from point A to point B safely and without incident, however accidents that do happen can rob you of time, money, transportation, and sometimes even leave you injured as well. If you have been in an auto accident due to the careless and/or reckless driving of others, you can take action and gain back the time and money that the collision took from you.

When somebody else makes a driving mistake that causes you to end up in the hospital, they should be held responsible for the costs associated with your injuries. You should not have to bear the financial burden of an at-fault driver’s negligence or recklessness.

If you suffered an injury in an automobile crash that was not your fault, you should reach out to an experienced Houma and Terrebonne Parish car accident lawyer. Personal injury attorney Damon J. Baldone could explain your rights and options and help determine the value of your claim. He would work diligently to win you the compensation you deserve.

Common Causes of Motor Vehicle Accidents in Houma and Terrebonne Parish

While every car accident is unique, many of the following factors frequently play a role in the cause and severity of an auto collision:

  • Drunk driving
  • Distracted driving, such as texting
  • Reckless driving, such as speeding, illegal passing, and unsafe lane changes
  • Roadway hazards, such as poorly marked construction zones, poorly maintained roads, or uncleared debris
  • Bad weather
  • Defective car parts

The skilled legal professional at our firm would work with local authorities to get a better understanding of what happened. He would examine the evidence from the crash scene, look at the damage to the vehicles, review medical reports, and speak to eyewitnesses to see what they observed both at the time of the crash and leading up to it. After determining the cause of the auto accident, Attorney Damon J. Baldone would work to identify who is legally responsible for the resulting damages.

Injuries that Commonly Result from Car Wrecks

Car crashes can cause a variety of injuries to many different parts of the body, depending on the type and severity of the accident. Serious injuries can occur in automobile accidents involving single vehicles, just as they can happen with multi-vehicle pileups. Sometimes, drivers or occupants of cars sustain injuries when the driver of another car hits them. Other times, passengers suffer harm as a result of negligence on the part of the driver. The most catastrophic injuries tend to occur when at-fault drivers strike unprotected bicyclists, motorcyclists, or pedestrians.

Car crash survivors often suffer head injuries, back and neck injuries, abdominal injuries, lacerations, and broken bones. While prompt medical treatment can resolve many acute injuries in a reasonable time period, other injuries linger and can alter the course of someone’s life. Unfortunately, many survivors of motor vehicle wrecks feel the effects of car crashes for many months and even years to come.

In addition to physical wounds, many people involved in car accidents bear emotional scars. They may need to undergo therapy to address their mental health and learn how to cope with post-traumatic stress, for example. Furthermore, if their injuries prevent them from earning a living, they might also experience financial harms.

As a seasoned attorney, Damon J. Baldone in the parish seat of Terrebonne would assess and evaluate all the losses stemming from an accident and include them in a comprehensive demand package. He would work to ensure that a car crash survivor receives a compensatory award that fully and fairly reflects all their physical, emotional, and financial losses.

Let a Houma and Terrebonne Parish Car Accident Attorney Assist You

If somebody else’s mistake caused an automobile accident that hurt you or your loved one, you deserve to be compensated for your losses. You should not have to worry about how you will pay your medical bills or make up missed work. The person responsible for the accident should be held accountable for the consequences of their wrongful actions.

Reach out to Damon J. Baldone & Associates today to schedule an appointment with a Houma and Terrebonne Parish car accident lawyer who will stand by your side and offer their knowledgeable advice throughout the process.


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