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A significant number of trucks travel through Houma and Terrebonne Parish each day on their way to stops around Louisiana and the rest of the country. With so many commercial vehicles on the road at any given time, trucking accidents are unfortunately inevitable. Because of the size and weight of these large vehicles, truck crashes frequently cause devastating injuries to individuals and immense property damage to cars.

A knowledgeable Houma and Terrebonne Parish truck accident lawyer could help you pursue a personal injury claim against the people responsible for the commercial vehicle collision that injured you. A successful civil claim could grant you the financial recovery you need to rebuild your life after a trucking accident.

What Causes Truck Crashes in Houma and Terrebonne Parish?

Truck accidents in the parish seat of Terrebonne can have a wide variety of causes, all of which Attorney Damon J. Baldone would be familiar with. Our firm has successfully litigated commercial truck wrecks of all kinds and can confidently handle any case brought to us by an injured claimant.

Truck Driver Negligence

As with all other motor vehicle accidents, the most common cause of trucking collisions is driver error. Dangerous commercial vehicle accidents occur when truck drivers drive negligently, carelessly, or recklessly. Examples of truck driver negligence include operating a commercial vehicle while drunk, distracted, or tired. If truckers feel pressured to travel long distances in too short a time, they might also speed or otherwise drive recklessly in order to make up time.

Violations of Commercial Trucking Regulations

Because of the significant danger that large commercial vehicles pose, truck drivers are held to a higher driving standard than other motorists. In addition to following the local rules of the road, truckers must also adhere to local, state, and federal commercial trucking regulations, which are intended to protect the safety of truckers and others on the road.

When truck drivers or their employers violate these regulations, serious injuries can occur. For example, when truckers drive for longer than the federally mandated maximum hours of service, they can become fatigued, which could cause them to make a potentially fatal driving error.

In addition, trucking companies can also be held liable for a trucking collision if they had negligent training or hiring practices or promoted unsafe driving practices, such as by encouraging their drivers to break commercial driving regulations. As previously mentioned, when a truck driver causes an accident due to speeding in order to meet unrealistic deadlines, their employer can be held partially liable for increasing their risk of injury by imposing impossible expectations to meet under federal guidelines.

Cargo Problems

Unsecured cargo can fall out of the truck, creating dangerous hazards in the road. Improperly and unbalanced freight can also shift in the trailer, causing a truck to become unstable and overturn as a result. In such cases, the crew responsible for loading the cargo onto the trailer may be held at least partially liable for a resulting truck accident – if not solely responsible.

Vehicle Problems

Malfunctioning equipment, such as faulty brakes or defective steering mechanisms, can lead to dangerous truck crashes. In the event of an otherwise preventable truck accident caused by broken or defective vehicle parts, liability may belong to the trucking company as well as the manufacturer of the parts themselves, depending on the circumstances.

Dangerous Roads

Unkempt roadways, poorly marked construction areas, and debris in the road can cause a truck accident. In these cases, a government entity responsible for maintaining roadways may be responsible for the damages resulting from a subsequent commercial truck accident.

A seasoned trucking attorney would look at the evidence from the accident scene, eyewitness testimony, the truck’s black box, and the trucker’s cellphone or medical records to determine how the accident occurred. Damon J. Baldone & Associates has the experience to handle all types of trucking accident claims in and around Houma and Terrebonne Parish.

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Commercial trucks do not get into fender benders. Trucking collisions almost always result in life-changing injuries or fatalities. If you are dealing with your physical and emotional wounds, you should not have to also worry about paying your medical and therapy bills and other expenses.

Let a qualified Houma and Terrebonne Parish truck accident lawyer handle your case, so you can focus on getting well. A skilled lawyer like Damon J. Baldone could protect your rights and help you recover what you deserve. Contact our office today.


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