Houma and Terrebonne Parish Boat Accident Lawyer

Many bodies of fresh and saltwater are in and surrounding Louisiana. This provides countless opportunities for avid boaters and people seeking recreational fun to enjoy a relaxing day in the sun. Unfortunately, having so many vessels in the water also increases the chances of accidents.

When injuries occur because of negligence, you could be eligible to collect compensation with the help of a seasoned personal injury attorney. Call today to schedule a meeting with a Houma and Terrebonne Parish boat accident lawyer to begin reviewing the details of your incident.

The Primary Causes of Boating Accidents

A boat accident can occur for any number of reasons. However, the most common cause is typically operator negligence. Some of the scenarios that can result in injuries on the water include:

  • Collisions with other watercrafts, such as jet skis
  • Crashing into stationary objects like rocks, tree roots, and buoys
  • Passengers falling overboard
  • Operator inexperience
  • Excessive speed and reckless boat operation
  • Drug or alcohol use while operating a water vessel

A skilled attorney in the parish seat of Terrebonne could complete an investigation to determine the cause of a boating crash and hold the negligent party accountable.

Law Enforcement Agents Have Authority on Water

Boaters must adhere to specific rules and regulations and do their part to avoid accidents. According to the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries agency, law enforcement agents can issue a termination order if they observe unsafe, unlawful, or hazardous operations or conditions. A boater must correct the issue or return to shore immediately if they receive an order. Unsafe watercraft conditions include but are not limited to:

  • Water vessels with too many passengers or other material
  • Unlawful and dangerous boat operation
  • Boating in unauthorized areas

Additionally, recreational boat operators could face severe criminal and civil penalties for unlawful and hazardous water vessel operations. Per the Louisiana Revised Statute § 34:851.4, careless boat operation is any action that places the safety of any person or property in danger.

Hazardous and unlawful watercraft operations can include unsafe passing, abrupt maneuvers, and failing to yield to the right of way of other vessels. A boat accident attorney in Houma and Terrebonne Parish could answer specific questions to ensure injured parties know their potential legal options.

Recovering Compensation for Damage After a Watercraft Accident

After establishing liability, a civil court may award damages in two categories: economic and non-economic. Damages is the word used for the compensation that can be awarded after an accident caused by negligence to help injured individuals recover for their losses.

Economic Damages

Economic damages cover the monetary losses a person suffers due to the incident. The award typically covers medical bills and future healthcare expenses and can also pay for missing time from work.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages cover non-monetary losses, such as psychological trauma, mental anguish, and physical pain and suffering. Compensation could also cover inconvenience, loss of enjoyment of life, and loss of consortium.

A knowledgeable attorney in the parish seat of Terrebonne who is experienced with watercraft accidents could help maximize the total potential settlement amount.

Call a Houma and Terrebonne Parish Boat Accident Attorney Today

Recreational boating is a fantastic way to relax alone or get some quality time with family and friends. However, a negligent party can quickly turn a great day into a traumatic one.

When careless action causes you or someone you love to suffer injuries, you have the legal right to hold them financially accountable. A Houma and Terrebonne Parish boat accident lawyer could help you through the complex civil lawsuit system and advocate on your behalf. Contact Damon J. Baldone & Associates today to learn more.


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