Metairie Bicycle Accident Lawyer

After spending a day biking on the Lake Fausse Pointe State Park trails, you may feel invincible; however, once you are back in street traffic, you risk colliding with a careless motorist. Vulnerable to whoever is behind two tons of metal, you may experience life-altering injuries after a bike wreck.

Bike crashes are also overwhelmingly fatal. Louisiana requires children younger than 12 to wear helmets, which helps mitigate some head injuries, but if a car swerves into you or your child—the injuries are often catastrophic. A dedicated Metairie bicycle accident lawyer at Damon J. Baldone & Associates could advocate on your behalf when a negligent driver hurts you or your loved one. Contact a seasoned injury attorney at our firm for assistance with your claim.

Steps To Take After a Bike Wreck

After an accident, an injured cyclist should call 911 or ask someone on the scene to call immediately. Police and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) will assess the scene and write a report. Once the injured party is stable, they should call a bike collision lawyer in Metairie to begin the injury claim process.

An experienced attorney could consult with the injured cyclist to understand how the accident unfolded. After that, a proactive lawyer could:

  • Examine the police report
  • Research applicable case law
  • Interview eyewitnesses and engage expert witnesses as needed
  • Review Louisiana statutes addressing negligence and compensation
  • Review medical reports to determine the severity of the plaintiff’s injuries and the potential financial amount needed to treat them
  • Negotiate with insurance companies or file a negligence lawsuit if insurance negotiations are subpar

Every situation is unique; a committed bicycle crash attorney could consider specific case details when developing a winning strategy.

Bicyclists Must Abide by Louisiana Law

Defendants and insurance companies often attempt to blame the bicyclist for an accident. In Louisiana, the fault is apportioned between all responsible parties. Plaintiffs collect compensation reduced by their share of the negligent acts.

Louisiana requires cyclists to follow regulations to promote safety. Bikers must:

  • Use hand signals to turn corners or stop
  • Use a bell that can be heard within 100 feet
  • Maintain brakes that allow the bike to skid on dry, level pavement
  • Equip their bikes with a white headlight and a red rear light that everyone within 500 feet can see at night

Although Louisiana DUI laws do not apply to bicyclists, police will ticket a drunk cyclist for public intoxication.

Insurers and defendants will argue any of these points to avoid paying the deserved damages award. A skilled Metairie bicycle accident attorney could fight for the injured party’s compensation.

Seek Justice With a Metairie Bicycle Accident Attorney

When you are hit by a car while biking, you should not pay your own medical bills, and the reckless motorist should not walk away unscathed.

At Damon J. Baldone & Associates, we fight for negligent motorists to pay for the harm they caused. You deserve top-notch representation to get the compensation you need to pay bills and care for your family. Call a knowledgeable Metairie bicycle accident lawyer today to discuss your recent crash.


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