Metairie Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

There is nothing like taking to the open road along the Cajun Coast. However, when a reckless driver hits you, your joyride can take a devastating turn. When a careless motorist slams into you, you may come away with more than road rash, as your body is almost completely exposed on your bike.

The person who caused the accident should reimburse you for your losses. Reach out to a Metairie motorcycle accident lawyer at our firm to discuss potential damages. At Damon J. Baldone & Associates, an experienced injury attorney could fight hard to get you the compensation you deserve.

Common Injuries From Motorbike Wrecks

Motorcyclists are 24 times more likely to die in vehicle accidents and four times more likely to be injured than motorists, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Additionally, motorbike riders represent approximately 14 percent of highway fatalities each year. Motorcycle riders often incur:

  • Disfiguring road rash
  • Internal organ damage
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Numerous broken bones
  • Paralysis from neck, back, and spinal cord damage

Severe injuries require extensive medical attention and lengthy recovery periods. In some cases, the motorcyclist could require a lifetime of specialized care. A Metairie motorcycle accident attorney could review police reports and medical records to determine potential damages. A proactive legal professional at Damon J. Baldone & Associates could also interview eyewitnesses and consult expert witnesses to develop a convincing case for compensation based on negligence.

Negotiating with Insurance Companies

Louisiana requires that drivers show proof of insurance when applying for a driver’s license. The state’s at-fault system deems the motorist who causes the accident responsible for paying for the physical and financial losses the injured party suffers.

The minimum coverage is $15,000 for one person’s bodily injury, $30,000 per accident, and $25,000 for property damage. Insurers also offer more extensive coverage for a higher price.

A well-versed motorbike crash lawyer in Metairie could negotiate with insurers to prove that their insured clients caused the motorcycle accident and injured the rider. Insurance companies routinely downplay claims, hoping to avoid payments. Damon J. Baldone understands how to get plaintiffs the most significant monetary settlement possible—even if it means going to court.

Proving Negligence for Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accident claims attempt to prove the defendant’s negligence. The injured party must show that the defendant did not live up to their duty to drive safely and that they were injured because of the defendant’s actions.

Under Louisiana State Legislature, Civil Code Article 2323, plaintiffs can recover damages even if they are more at fault for an accident than defendants. However, damages awarded will be reduced by the amount of fault attributed to the injured person. Defendants and insurers will try to pin as much blame as possible on the hurt person to avoid paying total compensation.

Potential Damages for Injured Motorcyclists

In a successful personal injury case, the jury will award money to pay for the injured party’s hospital and other medical bills, including those in the foreseeable future. If the motorcyclist cannot work, wages lost will be reimbursed, as will the cost of a mangled motorcycle. Plaintiffs can also recover compensation for accident-caused mental and emotional issues, as well as permanent paralysis or disfigurement.

Receive Help From a Metairie Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Staying vigilant on the road, maintaining your motorcycle, and obeying traffic rules go a long way toward making a ride anywhere safe and enjoyable. However, you remain vulnerable when you share the road with negligent motorists.

Do not let the weight of your recovery and financial need consume you after a motorcycle collision. If a reckless or careless motorist slams into you, a Metairie motorcycle accident lawyer will get to work putting together your claim for comprehensive compensation. Set up a consultation with our firm, and let us work on your case while you focus on recovering.


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