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Car crashes happen everywhere, all the time, and almost all of them result from a driver’s negligence. When minor fender-benders happen without causing much damage or loss, they are usually relatively simple to resolve.

Sometimes, a motorist’s thoughtlessness causes severe accidents, leaving those involved with catastrophic injuries and property damage, causing long-term consequences and financial losses that require assistance from an experienced personal injury attorney. Meet with a Metairie car accident lawyer when you have questions or need help with a case.

Direct Action Laws

Direct action is state law, meaning the plaintiff in a lawsuit can name the liable driver’s insurer as one of the defendants. Naming the insurance agency helps the civil court judge decide on the settlement amount, and they will typically list the insurer as responsible for paying the award. When there is no insurer, the judge and jury may consider that the funds will come directly from the driver, who may not have a significant amount of assets.

Establishing Liability

The claim for damages must include evidence establishing the defendant’s actions leading to the accident. This could be police officer accident reports, witness statements, copies of traffic citations the defendant received for the cause of action, and more.

Common Causes and Injuries 

Many things can lead to a collision, and some of the most common include the following:

  • Failure to check all mirrors and blind spots
  • Abrupt and reckless lane changes or maneuvers
  • Aggressive driving, such as passing in dangerous areas and tailgating
  • Speeding or neglecting to adhere to other traffic safety regulations
  • Failing to yield the right-of-way or stop for other drivers or pedestrians in intersections
  • Distracted driving, such as reaching for something in the vehicle, changing the radio station, texting, or talking on the phone

A Metairie car crash lawyer could conduct a thorough investigation and review the evidence to help determine fault and prove liability in civil court.

Common Injuries in Car Wrecks

The seriousness of injuries and property damages resulting from car wrecks depends on many factors, such as the speed at which the vehicles were traveling when they collided and the force of impact. Motorists may sustain bodily harm, like whiplash and other neck or soft tissue injuries, internal organ damage from seatbelts or airbags, broken bones, concussions and other brain injuries, and back or spinal cord damage.

Requirement to Report Accidents to the Police Department

Reporting vehicle collisions to the local police department offers benefits for those who want to seek damages, and it is also the law in most cases. Per the guidance of Louisiana Revised Statutes § 32:398, drivers involved in the crash must call and report the incident when people suffer bodily harm or there is $500 or more in property damage.

The completed police report offers information the injured person will need to collect damages from the liable party, including the officer’s findings of fault. A car accident lawyer in Metairie could review state traffic and personal injury laws during the consultation.

Call to Schedule a Consultation Today With a Skilled Car Accident Attorney in Metairie

You have the right to pursue a settlement from the at-fault driver when their negligence caused an avoidable collision and you suffered bodily injuries and other losses. A Metairie car accident lawyer could review your case and options during the consultation and determine the most effective way to collect fair compensation.

They could also handle insurance company communications, negotiate the payout on your behalf, and protect your best interests. Call soon to schedule a consultation and get started.


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