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Truck drivers and the companies employing them play a crucial role in the economy’s health in the United States and worldwide. Countless trucks travel throughout the country every day to transport goods and other cargo. While necessary, these massive trucks present many potential risks for the drivers and anyone sharing the road with them.

Because of the dangers associated with trucking, the industry is held to a high standard of care. In other words, truckers and trucking companies are required to follow strict safety rules and procedures. Therefore, if you were hurt in a crash caused by a trucker’s negligence, you could have the legal right to collect compensation to cover the damages. Rely on an experienced Thibodaux truck accident lawyer to review and handle your case. Contact our firm today to discuss your unique case with an aggressive attorney.

Compensation for Truck Accident Claims

After establishing negligence in a truck collision case, the court usually awards compensation in two groups.

Economic Damages

Economic damages cover the plaintiff’s monetary out-of-pocket losses and expenses they suffered because of the accident. The award could cover medical care, lost salary, and future earning potential.

Non-Economic Damages

The court awards non-economic damages intending to restore the plaintiff to their condition before the cause of action. The settlement may cover personal losses, such as inconvenience, loss of employment of life, and pain and suffering. A Thibodaux truck crash attorney could answer the more specific questions concerning the settlement amount and damage recovery after a review of the accident and case.

Commercial Truck Federal Safety Requirements

Crashes involving gigantic commercial trucks can have devastating consequences and are a significant cause of deadly accidents nationwide. Therefore, the federal and state governments strictly regulate vehicles, trucking companies, and drivers with commercial driver’s licenses CDL. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations FMCSR provides the minimum safety standards involving issues concerning elements, including the following:

Commercial Truck Safety Requirements

The FMCSR provides regulations regarding vehicle equipment, maintenance, the maximum cargo weight, and emergency equipment. The specific rules the trucker and company must adhere to will depend on various factors, including the size and weight of the truck and the type of cargo it carries.

CDL Truck Driver Requirements

The FMCSR strictly regulates the guidelines truck drivers must adhere to or risk losing their driving privileges and other penalties. They must submit to pre-employment and random drug and alcohol testing and ensure they follow traffic safety regulations, including logging the number of hours they drive daily. They must comply with an hours-of-service law and keep clear records for verification purposes.

Trucking Company Safety Requirements

Trucking companies must ensure that the vehicles meet federal and state regulatory requirements and that all drivers adhere to the rules and regulations. They must also complete regular and random drug testing on every driver or face steep penalties and other consequences.

An experienced truck collision attorney in Thibodaux understands this complex process. They could request copies of records and investigate to determine if the driver and company were out of compliance at the time of the incident.

Speak With a Skilled Thibodaux Truck Accident Attorney Today

While trucking is crucial in transporting food and other goods nationwide, truckers and their employers must comply with federal and state safety regulations. Accidents involving large and heavy trucks can have catastrophic consequences for everyone involved. Therefore, trucking companies and CDL drivers must always adhere to safety rules and regulations.

You could be eligible for a settlement to cover your damages and losses if you believe negligence caused your commercial vehicle accident. Call a knowledgeable Thibodaux truck accident lawyer to schedule and discuss your case.


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