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Serious injuries can happen at any time. While certain injuries may be unavoidable, others may have been preventable if not for negligent behavior. When another person’s careless acts result in your injury, you could have a viable case for compensation.

A seasoned attorney from our firm could help you pursue that compensation and set things right. From determining liability to creating and filing a comprehensive claim for damages, a Thibodaux personal injury lawyer is here to assist you with every stage of your case.

Common Examples of Personal Injury Lawsuits

A personal injury lawsuit could stem from various injuries and accidents. Any injury that occurs due to another party’s negligence could serve as the basis for a personal injury lawsuit. A Thibodaux attorney could assist with a wide range of personal injury cases. Some of the most common examples of personal injury lawsuits include the following:

The facts of a personal injury case might vary, but what makes for a successful claim is evidence of negligence. An attorney serving Thibodaux could thoroughly investigate how a personal injury occurred before building a viable case for compensation against the negligent party.

Potential Compensation

The compensation that comes with a successful injury case can differ. No two injuries are exactly the same, and the litigation process can vary dramatically depending on the facts.

Generally, damages in a personal injury lawsuit fall into two broad categories. The first of these categories is economic damages. The second is known as non-economic damages. A Thibodaux personal injury attorney could review the facts of a case and provide guidance on the types of damages that might be available.

Economic Damages

When people suffer an unexpected injury, the financial consequences are often sudden and severe. It is not uncommon to face significant debt due to medical bills, vehicle repair costs, and other out-of-pocket expenses. Economic damages exist to replace those financial losses and return the injured party to the financial position they were in prior to the accident.

Common examples of economic damages include medical expenses, lost wages, and property damage expenses. Often, plaintiffs in these cases are able to establish the value of their economic damages using evidence like receipts or invoices.

Non-Economic Damages

Economic damages might be simple to measure, but that is not the case for non-economic damages. This type of compensation covers subjective losses that are difficult to measure. Typically, it includes the physical and emotional hardships that are common with serious injuries.

As a Thibodeaux personal injury attorney could further explain, a number of non-economic damages are commonly sought in personal injury cases. The most common examples include emotional distress or pain and suffering. Instead of documentary evidence, witness testimony is primarily how plaintiffs prove non-economic losses.

Reach Out to a Thibodaux Personal Injury Attorney Today

If you were hurt through no fault of your own, you deserve to be compensated for your injuries. This includes not only your financial losses but also compensation for your physical and emotional hardship as well.

A Thibodaux personal injury lawyer from our firm could help you seek justice following a severe injury. With the right legal counsel, fair compensation could be possible. Reach out as soon as possible for a confidential consultation.


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