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Commercial trucks, such as 18-wheelers, are challenging to operate under the best circumstances. Due to the significant size of these vehicles, crashes can have devastating consequences for everyone involved. Because of this risk, federal and state laws strictly regulate the drivers and companies that employ them.

Our team of dedicated personal injury attorneys could help you determine whether you are eligible for a settlement to cover your damages and losses when you are injured in a crash with a commercial vehicle. Schedule to meet with a Morgan City truck accident lawyer from our firm to review your case.

The Leading Causes of Truck Accidents

Commercial vehicle wrecks can occur for a variety of reasons. The leading causes of truck accidents in this area include:

  • Distracted driving
  • Speeding and following too closely
  • Failing to check all blind spots
  • Long hours and operating a truck without enough rest
  • Drugs or alcohol
  • Lack of adequate training
  • Overloaded or overweight cargo
  • Failing to adjust for inclement weather
  • Not keeping up with required vehicle service

Crashes are not always due to trucker error. Poor road conditions, vehicle malfunction, or negligence on behalf of a maintenance technician can also result in collisions. Establishing fault after an accident with a commercial truck is complex as there could be more than one at-fault party. The trucking company will also have a lawyer and insurance company ready to fight on their behalf. A trusted Morgan City attorney could investigate the details surrounding a wreck to determine its cause and who should be held liable.

Damages in Truck Crash Lawsuits

Settlement amounts can vary greatly depending on the severity and circumstances of the accident. Multiple factors are taken into consideration when assigning value to a claim, including the type of injuries sustained, whether the injured party shares any fault for the incident and how much the wreck and resulting injuries impact the person’s life. Damages in a truck crash lawsuit could cover the following:

  • The cost of healthcare and future medical expenses
  • Lost pay, benefits, and future earning potential
  • Transportation costs for medical appointments
  • Pain and suffering
  • Permanent disability
  • Loss of quality or enjoyment of life

A Morgan City truck accident attorney could listen to understand the ways a collision has impacted the injured party’s life to help craft a settlement demand that adequately reflects their needs.

Truck Driver Medical Certification and Requirements

Operating a commercial truck is no simple task. Truckers must undergo extensive training before they get behind the wheel and meet the minimum entry-level requirements before taking the commercial driver’s license test. They must also pass regular drug and alcohol screening tests, have a clean driving record, and pass a physical examination with a healthcare professional.

According to 49 Code of Federal Regulations § 391.41, a healthcare professional must medically certify truck drivers before they can legally drive a commercial truck. They must carry the original or a copy of the original medical certification with them at all times while in control of the vehicle. If a trucker is in an accident because of a medical emergency and does not have the legally required medical certification to operate commercial vehicles, establishing this in court could help collect damages from the at-fault parties.

It is the responsibility of the truck driver and their employer to ensure compliance with federal and state rules and regulations. A truck accident attorney in Morgan City could complete a thorough investigation to determine compliance with the statutes.

Meet With a Morgan City Truck Accident Attorney

You could be eligible to collect compensation when you sustain injuries in an accident with a commercial vehicle. The laws hold truckers, and the companies they work for at a higher duty of care to avoid accidents, and the civil court will hold them financially accountable when they fail to meet their obligation.

An experienced Morgan City truck accident lawyer could help you navigate the civil court process and recover the settlement amount you need to get back on your feet. Call today to start reviewing the details of your situation.


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